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Tales from the new book “Adventures of a Fishing Bum”

Working the Jungle Stream

Adventure Tale: Jungle Smallmouth

BOOK EXCERPT—- Hawaii– sun, sand beaches, sea breezes, snorkeling, palm trees and tourists everywhere, right? For that reason it was never high on my list of “must see” places… until I discovered Hawaiian jungle smallmouth. Hawaii. Sun, sand beaches, sea breezes, snorkeling, palm trees… and tourists everywhere. These jewels in the Pacific sure have plenty […]

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sketch of Tim wade-fishing in Lake Michigan

Adventure Tale: Drowning by Smallmouth

BOOK EXCERPT– This wasn’t good.  I was coughing and spitting water, and I could see blood—mine– below the surface… Let’s start at the beginning. It was late summer on Lake Michigan years ago. My wife and I had reached the lake shore via a little county road in Hiawatha National Forest. From there we tossed […]

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