“Smallmouth Fly Fishing– REVEALED” DVD

Flies, Tackle & Techniques Like You’ve Never Seen Before
with Tim Holschlag

Smallmouth Fly Fishing-- REVEALED front cover of new DVDAfter 2 years of filming and a long production process, our new DVD sets a new standard for video works on this topic.

“Smallmouth Fly Fishing– REVEALED” does just that– it reveals all the details of the techniques covered in the popular book “Smallmouth Fly Fishing,” with Tim Holschlag live on the water.

Besides spectacularly beautiful fly fishing scenes with plenty of fish-catching action, you’ll see how your fly performs underwater, how to use your rod tip to animate the fly, and live-action fish strikes in slow motion, showing exactly how your indicator moves when the fish hits.

This new video is solid instruction, not merely entertainment. It shows you everything you need to know to fly fish for smallmouth bass.

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  • Reading the River
  • Flies
  • Tackle
  • Topwatering
  • The Crayfish Hop
  • The Twitch & Tease
  • Cold Water Smallmouth

“Awesome DVD!!! This really is THE video on smallie flyfishing! There is nothing else that even gets close as far as covering the whole gamut — flies, tackle, rigging, targets and detailed techniques — topwater fishing, mid-depth, and all the way down to bottom-bouncing. You even include cold water fishing. I just can’t believe how much you’ve packed into a 70-minute DVD!”

– Mike Giffith
Madison, WI

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See Samples from the Crayfish Hop Chapter:

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