Seminars: Superb Smallmouth Programs for your Club, Shop or Show

Tim Holschlag giving a smallmouth bass fishing seminar

Tim Holschlag giving a smallmouth bass fishing seminar

Tim Holschlag combines an encyclopedic knowledge of smallmouth with unrivaled visual images and his personal passion for the sport. His highly informative, visually impressive and always entertaining Powerpoint programs have impressed audiences for years.

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One of These In-depth Seminars is Sure to Meet Your Needs:

1) Five Steps to becoming a Better Smallmouth Angler:
Novice to Expert, this is absolutely the Powerpoint presentation that will benefit and impress everyone.

2) Smallmouth from Top to Bottom:
Top, bottom and In-between, knowing how to catch smallies from the top of the water column down to the bottom is important. This program shows you where and how to fish in a river whatever the conditions.

3) Lessons from the Smallmouth Trail:
Tim has fished and explored over 300 smallmouth rivers across North America and South Africa. This vast experience has taught him many exciting and important Lessons about Smallmouth Fishing. This Presentation shares these Lessons with the audience.

4) What Makes Good Smallmouth Flies:
This Presentation offers a dramatically different approach than the traditional “match the forage” dogma. Instead, Tim incorporates solid science and understandable biology in determining proper fly choice under a wide variety of situations.

5) The Hunt for Big Bronzebacks:
Every smallmouth is great, but the biggest members of the clan are spectacular. 40 years pursuing big bronze enables Tim to show how everyone can catch the big boys from even the smallest streams.

6) Midwest Smallmouth Hotspots:
Tim Holschlag has fished all over the country for smallmouth, but he unquestionably knows Midwest waters better than anyone. This colorful and informative presentation includes Big Rivers hotspots, Bluff Country Creeks, canoe sized streams, The Boundary Waters Canoe Area and Great Lakes Honey Holes. If you’re looking for different places to fish smallies, this is the program for you.