Buy 15 of any Flies and Get an Extra One Free!  Just send us an e-mail to: tim@smallmouthangler.com stating what extra fly you’d like, or Tim will chose one for you.

There are 2 important things to know about our flies:

1) They are Proven Producers
— We don’t sell any “Fad Flies” (hyped for a season or two, then disappear).
— All of our flies are vigorously tested by Tim Holschlag and his associates.
— We let the fish decide which flies are worthy to offer.

2) They are High Quality
— Our flies are skillfully tied, only by American tyers. This costs us more, yet we still offer them to you for a reasonable price. 
— Our flies are consistently well-tied and durable. They have exactly the right materials, weight and proportions to catch smallmouth bass.
–You can pay more elsewhere for flies that look fancier, but you won’t find any that are better fish-catchers and last longer.

Topwater Flies:

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Dan's Sliding Diver

Dan’s Sliding Diver

This is an improved version of our Foam Diver, developed by my good pal Dan Johnson. With a sharp pull ...
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Original Blockhead in 4 colors

Original Blockhead Popper

The most versatile popper ever made. Pioneered in Minnesota 26 years ago. It has caught countless numbers of big smallies ...
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Foam Weedless Roundhead Popper in yellow or chartreuse

Weedless Roundhead Popper

The Roundhead produces a slightly different sound that's sometimes preferred by fish, sort of a "ploop" rather than the "pop" ...
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Subsurface Flies:

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Holschlag Hare Fly in white, black, yellow, olive

Holschlag Hare

This is a mid-depth pattern with 1/50th or 1/4oth-oz eyes. It’s an excellent search pattern for covering lots of water, but ...
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Cactus Buggers in 3 colors

Cactus Bugger

This mid-depth pattern, moderately weighted with lead wire, can be effectively fished either fast or slow. it's quite versatile, easy ...
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Shenks Streamers in 4 Colors

Shenks Streamer

Originally a trout pattern, this "bassified" version has been one of Tim Holschlag's favorite shallow-running patterns for 18 years. It's ...
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Special Fly Selections:

Tim's Trusty Twelve

Tim’s Trusty Twelve

Tim Holschlag has chosen 12 flies to cover all four sections of the water column -- top, shallow, mid-depth and bottom -- with three flies for each zone. So no matter what the conditions, you're nearly certain to have the ...
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Clearwater Selection

Clearwater Selection

These twelve flies are specially selected to entice smallmouth when the water runs clear, a common situation on rivers in the East and the Mid-South regions of the country. When rivers run extra clear, smallmouth are often interested in smaller ...
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“Custom Dozen” Smallmouth Flies

The "Custom Dozen" is a selection of 12 flies personalized for YOU. Considering the waters where you fish, your skill level, rod weight, and any additional information you give us, Tim Holschlag will choose the best flies for you. (To ...
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