Tim Holschlag’s Signature Foam Topwaters

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New Topwaters Plus Our Long-Time Favorites

New topwater flies

New topwater flies – click image to enlarge.

Topwater Flies: $3.40 each

Some of these (like the Blockheads) are unique patterns created by Tim and friends. Others are old favorites that have been significantly improved or redesigned by Tim Holschlag and Dan Johnson using lightweight, extremely durable foam. The Holschlag line of topwaters are much more durable and last much longer than cork or hair poppers, so they will actually save you money. In fact, some of Tim’s individual foam poppers have caught over 100 smallmouth each before they were “retired.”

Blockhead Poppers

Featured in Eastern Fly Fishing Magazine

You can download and read the article here.

As some of you know, Tim Holschlag helped pioneer closed-cell foam poppers many years ago. And since that time, the “Blockhead Popper” has developed a loyal cadre of fans who rightly regard it as the best bass popper around. Here’s what makes the blockhead the best:

Blockhead Poppers in 3 sizes, 2 to 4 colors

Blockhead Poppers in 3 sizes, 2 to 4 colors

Unique Shape — A flat face and precisely-engineered angles makes it “pop” better than any other type of popper.
Ultra-Sensitive Tail — Plenty of marabou quivers and attracts fish even when it’s at rest.
No Spin — It will not spin and twist the leader, even in strong current.
Easy Casting — So lightweight that it casts well even on lighter rods.
Durability — Its hard foam lasts far longer than either cork or deer hair.
Permanent Color — Inbuilt color won’t wear or chip off

Original Blockhead in 4 colors

Original Blockhead Popper

The most versatile popper ever made. Pioneered in Minnesota 26 years ago. It has caught countless numbers of big smallies ...
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Big Blockhead in 3 colors

Big Blockhead Popper

Slightly larger than the Original, the "Big Blockhead" can produce very loud pops and is great for a choppy surface ...
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Bitty Blockhead in 2 colors

Bitty Blockhead Popper

Don't let the name or small size fool you. This ain't no cheap "panfish popper." The "Bitty" has landed hordes ...
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Other Great Topwaters

Some of these are exclusive new patterns. Others are old favorites that have been improved or redesigned by Tim Holschlag and Dan Johnson using lightweight, highly durable foam.

Dan's Sliding Diver

Dan’s Sliding Diver

This is an improved version of our Foam Diver, developed by my good pal Dan Johnson. With a sharp pull on the line, this topwater first gives a quiet pop, then dives slightly and "slides" just under the surface. Available in yellow or chartreuse. MINIMUM ORDER = 10 FLIES (ANY ...
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Foamy Pete ('Lil and Big)

Foamy Pete (‘Lil and Big)

Our foam version of the Sneaky Pete lasts much longer and performs much better than a cork Sneaky Pete. This quiet, bullet-headed "slider"-type topwater makes a subtle bubbly "plup," rather than a loud pop, and creates an enticing bubble trail-- exactly what the smallies want in low water or clear ...
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Foam Weedless Roundhead Popper in yellow or chartreuse

Weedless Roundhead Popper

The Roundhead produces a slightly different sound that's sometimes preferred by fish, sort of a "ploop" rather than the "pop" of a flat-faced Blockhead Popper. Its silicon legs and long marabou tail quiver easily, making it deadly when fished ultra-slowly. It's lighter and much more durable than cork poppers and ...
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Don’t forget your strike indicators!

Strike Indicators

Smallmouth Fly Angler Strike Indicators

If you fish subsurface without a strike indicator, you're throwing away half your strikes. Finally, here is a highly visible strike indicator that's easy to cast and will stay on your leader. Unlike other small indicators that break or fall ...
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Not sure which flies to get?

Let Tim Holschlag customize a selection for you!

Flies in logo box

“Custom Dozen” Smallmouth Flies

The "Custom Dozen" is a selection of 12 flies personalized for YOU. Considering the waters where you fish, your skill level, rod weight, and any additional information you give us, Tim Holschlag will choose the best flies for you. (To ...
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