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Anchored Jonboat

Good Craft Control = Five Times the Fish

A Good Anchor System    It’s amazing how many more fish you catch if you have good craft control. To see ...
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New Years Resolution Calendar

2018 New Years Resolution: Fish More !

New Years Resolution Calendar Your New Year’s resolution for 2018 should be to fish more. I’ll tell you why, and ...
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Rigging a Kayak Anchor

Rigging a Kayak Anchor

One of the most frequently asked questions I get every year is “What kind of craft should I get and ...
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Don't Believe the Hype!

Don’t Believe the Hype!

These Fish Required Very Different Flies, Tackle and Techniques                      There are plenty of inherent challenges to becoming an accomplished ...
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3 Falls Smallmouth Bass

The Three Falls: Fall Smallmouth Bass Fishing

In fishing there’s no such thing as “Fall.” There are actually 3 different falls. “FALL FISHING FRENZY! SUPER FALL ACTION!” ...
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The Haul’s the Thing

Driving out full-sized smallmouth or largemouth flies 55 feet all day long (and often in wind) isn’t easy. That’s why ...
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Tim Holschlag wade fishing beside his kayak, holding a big smallie

Park & Wade: The Best of Both Worlds

In prime smallmouth bass hotspots, it’s often best to fish on foot, to thoroughly cover the area and cast to ...
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Portable bike folded and ready for transport.

Easy One-Person Shuttle System

My days on the water are a bit more enjoyable since eliminating the 2-4 mile hike downstream to put-in. The ...
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An angler and his father in the boat, each holding a big smallmouth bass.

Hiring a Guide: There are no Crutches in Smallmouth Bass Fishing

After 21 years of guiding, one thing really stands out — fly fishing for smallies is plenty challenging. Anyone who ...
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A father and son with a double catch of smallmouth bass

Catch Following Fish

Watch for followers of a hooked fish, and have your partner cast quickly to catch these “shadow” bass. Hooked smallmouth ...
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Dan Johnson in winter with a big smallmouth

Late Fall & Winter is Big Bronze Time

The cold water seasons of late fall and winter produce high percentages of big fish with the right techniques. Certainly ...
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boxes of heaver line brands

Load ‘Em Up– Use Heavier Line

To cast bass flies, use a line one or two weights over the rod’s “official” rating. Most rods will cast ...
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overhead view of a kayak with anchor system

Get a Good Anchor

A good anchor system, that you can operate easily with one hand, is essential for river fishing. A good anchor ...
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line lube and soft cloth

Clean It Up– Lube Your Line More

To cast easier and extend the life of your fly line, apply line dressing (lubrication) on your line regularly, and ...
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