About Smallmouth Angler Press


Smallmouth Angler Press was established in 2004 to serve the information needs of smallmouth bass fishers and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Most anglers focus on a particular species of fish on each outing. For a growing percentage of them, smallmouth bass is their main quarry. These anglers seem to be an underserved market. There are relatively few books focused on smallmouth bass, and our experience is that readers are hungry for more information on the topic. Every one of our information products has been eagerly received by customers, and a disproportionately large percentage of them have purchased both of our books and the DVD. Our publications are also commonly purchased as gifts for fishing buddies. The gift recipient then often buys our other products, plus another book to give to someone else.

Lyn Verthein - Smallmouth Angler Press Marketing Director

Lyn Verthein – Smallmouth Angler Press Marketing Director

Our Goals

We pride ourselves on providing scientifically-based, accurate and up-to-date information. All techniques and destinations in our books and videos are thoroughly researched by the author and other members of our team. We want to be the definitive source of smallmouth fishing knowledge, covering every aspect of this multifaceted sport. We also strive to produce consistently high-quality products that are an outstanding value for their price.

In all of our communications we try to share the joys and beauty of smallmouth fishing, rivers and lakes, and the whole outdoor experience. We also actively promote conservation of fisheries, water resources and fish habitat.

Popular Author

Tim Holschlag, the author of our books, is a popular speaker at fishing shows, shops and clubs. He is a regular contributor to the major fishing magazines and web sites. He has a loyal and growing fan base of angers who rely on him for smallmouth information. In fact, a major impetus for establishing a publishing company was the constant, emails and calls and letters we were getting from fishermen seeking Tim Holschlag’s first book, “Stream Smallmouth Fishing,”(Stackpole Books, 1990) which had gone out of print.

Author Interview
Tim Holschlag’s Biography

Loyal Customers

A large percentage of our book customers buy other fishing products from our sister company, Smallmouth Angler.com, which offers some exclusive products designed by Tim Holschlag. Many of them also take our smallmouth fishing schools, hire Holschlag as a fishing guide or go on Smallmouth Angler hosted trips.


We have ongoing relationships with all of the major distributors/wholesalers, in the book trade as well as the fishing industry. We have intimate knowledge of our market, and can help our distributors target retail outlets in locations with the greatest concentration of smallmouth anglers. If you which to become a distributor or retailer of our products, please contact us. We have many ways to help maximize your sell-through to anglers and to the gift market.