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Lyn Verthein - Smallmouth Angler Press Marketing Director

Lyn Verthein – Smallmouth Angler Press Marketing Director

Smallmouth bass are one of America’s most prized freshwater fish, increasingly popular among both fly fishers and conventional anglers. Bass (both largemouth bass and smallmouth bass) have been lauded for well over a century as “pound for pound, inch for inch, the gamest fish that swims.” (Dr. James Henshall, Book of the Black Basses, 1881)

Smallmouth bass fishing has exploded in popularity over the past decade and continues to increase dramatically. Anglers who pursue smallmouth tend to be fanatics about this fish, and are always looking for new techniques and destinations to catch them. Smallmouth Angler Press serves the needs of this loyal and growing audience by providing accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive information for their sport.

Our books and videos appeal to both veteran and novice anglers. They are comprehensive, yet easy and fun to read and watch. Our books offer a wealth of knowledge in a reader-friendly format, fully illustrated and with maps, charts and photos that bring the information to life. Our DVDs take you on the water to learn one-on-one with the nation’s foremost smallmouth expert.

Customer satisfaction with our products is clearly evident in the glowing reviews we receive. The comments on our book and DVD reviews pages show our audience’s enthusiasm for smallmouth fishing and the passion that this sport inspires.

Browse through our products, media resources, and information for retailers, libraries and fishing clubs. If you want to book the author for a speaking engagement, obtain an interview or article, purchase wholesale— whatever you need, we’ll be happy to work with you.

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