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New Years Resolution Calendar

2018 New Years Resolution: Fish More !

Your New Year’s resolution for 2018 should be to fish more. I’ll tell you why, and also how to make this happen. First of all, why. That’s easy, fishing is good for you. It’s much healthier physically than many other pastimes. This is especially true for river smallmouth fishing, which requires plenty of physical effort […]

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Baboons sitting on boulders near the river

Adventure Tale: Sticking With It in South Africa

BOOK EXCERPT– Baboons, desert heat and smallmouth bass. They don’t often go together, but they do in Africa. I was fried. It was November (that’s early summer in South Africa) and the sun had been relentless all day. My South African pals Conrad and Herman and I were fishing a small river on the west […]

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Working the Jungle Stream

Adventure Tale: Jungle Smallmouth

BOOK EXCERPT—- Hawaii– sun, sand beaches, sea breezes, snorkeling, palm trees and tourists everywhere, right? For that reason it was never high on my list of “must see” places… until I discovered Hawaiian jungle smallmouth. Hawaii. Sun, sand beaches, sea breezes, snorkeling, palm trees… and tourists everywhere. These jewels in the Pacific sure have plenty […]

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Boulder-strewn Mattawamkeag River

Adventure Tale: Maine Damselfly Frenzy

BOOK EXCERPT– It was a couple summers ago. My pal Dan and I loaded up the car with a big canoe and lots of tackle and headed northeast. Though the route through Vermont was slow, it was interesting and enjoyable nevertheless. Twisting and winding thru green forested mountains and postcard-pretty small towns, it was easy […]

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