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The HHF (Holschlag Hackle Fly)in 2 weights

Proven Flies in New Weights

Why New Fly Weights? Many fly fishers obsess over finding just the right color fly for this or that situation. While color can certainly influence your catch rate, often an even more important factor is completely overlooked. That’s a fly’s weight. The weight (or sink rate) of a fly determines how deep it will get […]

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HiTail Craw

Tim’s HiTail Craw

This pattern isn’t for every situation. This unique fly is designed specifically for tempting wary or inactive smallmouth with a very slow-paced bottom presentation. Used properly, this fly can do what no other patterns do. With weight in the front and its upriding tail, the HiTail Craw can be crawled or slowly hopped along the […]

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