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Don’t Believe the Hype!

                     There are plenty of inherent challenges to becoming an accomplished fly angler. So my goal has always been to make warmwater fly fishing (my specialty) easier and more understandable. To help with this, I think we need to strip away some of the mysticism associated with the sport. Unfortunately, much of the fly fishing […]

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A father and son with a double catch of smallmouth bass

Catch Following Fish

Watch for followers of a hooked fish, and have your partner cast quickly to catch these “shadow” bass. Hooked smallmouth that have been feeding heavily often have following fish.  These followers “shadow” the hooked fish closely, looking to grab the hooked fish’s regurgitation.  Most likely it will be just one follower of similar size, but […]

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Dan Johnson in winter with a big smallmouth

Late Fall & Winter is Big Bronze Time

The cold water seasons of late fall and winter produce high percentages of big fish with the right techniques. Certainly big smallmouth can be caught all year long.  However, if you really want to up your odds of hooking the largest specimens, fish during the late fall or winter periods.  Strangely, most river anglers don’t […]

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Baboons sitting on boulders near the river

Adventure Tale: Sticking With It in South Africa

BOOK EXCERPT– Baboons, desert heat and smallmouth bass. They don’t often go together, but they do in Africa. I was fried. It was November (that’s early summer in South Africa) and the sun had been relentless all day. My South African pals Conrad and Herman and I were fishing a small river on the west […]

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Working the Jungle Stream

Adventure Tale: Jungle Smallmouth

BOOK EXCERPT—- Hawaii– sun, sand beaches, sea breezes, snorkeling, palm trees and tourists everywhere, right? For that reason it was never high on my list of “must see” places… until I discovered Hawaiian jungle smallmouth. Hawaii. Sun, sand beaches, sea breezes, snorkeling, palm trees… and tourists everywhere. These jewels in the Pacific sure have plenty […]

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