* New Trips in 2018 — New Species, New Locations !

Now Five Types of Trips!

We now offer five different fishing trips, in a wide variety of North American locations and for various game fish. All these waters have been personally fished and endorsed by Tim Holschlag. Isn’t it time to expand your angling horizons and experience great fishing in new waters?

1) Smallmouth in Northern Minnesota Lakes: Daily Trips

2) Giant Pike in Wollaston Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada: Four-Day Trip

3) Multi-Species Lakes in Ontario, Canada: Five-Day Trip

4)  Smallmouth in Idaho’s Famed Salmon River: Daily Trips

5) Smallmouth in Minnesota Rivers (Upper Mississippi): Daily Trips

Trip Descriptions

Smallmouth in Northern Minnesota Lakes: Daily Trips

Why Northern Minnesota Lakes for Smallmouth??

Dan Johnson on a Minnesota lake with a large smallmouth

It’s Simple. Excellent fishing! Unfortunately, smallmouth reproduction and fish numbers have suffered in some lower Midwest rivers due to increased flooding and chronic high water. In contrast, northern lake smallmouth numbers and sizes have dramatically increased due to the warmer temperatures, improved spawning and greater catch and release. Some lakes where smallies were just an occasional species now hold high numbers of 16, 18 and even 20-inch lunkers.

Early June is prime time for anglers to battle these shallow water bruisers. There’s no need to paddle, portage and sleep on the ground in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area to experience unsurpassed smallmouthing. Instead, Tim Holschlag, who wrote the book (several books actually), on smallmouth will show you superb, yet comfortable fishing in a scenic Northwoods setting.

Using full-sized boats that allow you to stand and easily cast, Tim and his associate Dan Johnson, will put you on big, power-packed bronzebacks. And due to the clear water, often you’ll be able to sight fish these big fish. Additionally, many of the lakes we guide on have bonus catches of big muskies, pike and largemouth bass.

North Central Minnesota’s Itasca County is home to over 2 dozen smallmouth lakes. Using the friendly town of Grand Rapids as a base, Tim and Dan will take you to the very best of these waters. Grand Rapids is just a few hours drive north of the Twin Cities and has a variety of lodging and dining establishments.

Trip Details:

Smallmouth in Northern Minnesota Lakes

Fish: Smallmouth Bass

Water: Lakes in Itasca County, Northern Minnesota, near Grand Rapids

Features: Big smallmouth, shallow-water sight fishing, comfortable full-size lake boat

Includes: Full day of guiding (8-9 hours), instruction, lunch and use of tackle

Extras: Pre-trip assistance and lodging recommendations

Dates: Daily trips in early June

Price: $350 for one person, $390 for two people

Giant Pike in Wollaston Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada: Four-Day Trip

Twenty Pound Plus Wollaston Lake Pike

Huge Wollaston Lake in northern Saskatchewan is home to unusually large and powerful pike. Wollaston pike are of extraordinary girth and sizes run well over 40 inches and 25 pounds, with some giants approaching 30 pounds. Catch rates are often in the dozens daily and will wear you out and strain your 9 or 10 weight rod to the maximum. Pike are shallow and aggressive in mid-June and explosive, near-surface strikes are common from fish after fish.

This is a spectacular trip that should be on everyone’s bucket list. You’ll likely battle more big fish in a day than you have ever done before.

Minor Bay Lodge is the perfect headquarters for this spectacular fishing. Large comfortable boats and very experienced guides are part of the package. Besides unlimited pre-trip assistance and advice, Tim Holschlag will be at the lodge to assist with any rigging, casting, tackle or technique issues during the four-day trip.

There is good air service to Saskatoon from the US, and the next morning another plane will have you at the lodge in time for breakfast. Minor Bay cabins are excellent, with outstanding meals and friendly service. Tim Holschlag’s hosted trip from June 15 through 19th will be limited to just 6 guests, so don’t delay in booking.

Trip Details:

Giant Pike Wollaston Lake Saskatchewan

Fish: Giant Pike

Water: Wollaston Lake, Northern Saskatchewan, Canada

Features: Extra Large Powerful Fish, Shallow-water Fishing, Comfortable large-Size Boats

Includes: Expert Guides, Instruction, Generous Meals, Flight to Lodge

Extras: Pre-trip Assistance and Seminars at Lodge

Dates: June 15 to 19, 2018

Price: $3,995 per person

Multi-Species Lakes in Ontario, Canada: Five-Day Trip

Just north of the Minnesota border lies Ontario’s vast lake region with pristine forests, clear-water lakes and six species of gamefish. Depending on the particular lake, big smallmouth, hefty largemouth, power packed muskies, large pike, shallow water lake trout and wily walleyes can all be caught.

On this trip you could catch all six species (we call it the “Super Slam”) and most guests do catch at least 4 different species, including 20- to 25-inch lake trout near the surface. Late May is prime time for excellent shallow- water fishing for all species. Best of all, the lodge’s diverse lakes are wind protected and easy to navigate and fly fish.

You’ll stay at Slippery Winds, a small, friendly fly-in lodge with easy access to six lakes and great food. Tim Holschlag has been hosting fly fishing trips to Slippery Winds Lodge on Yoke Lake for 17 years. These trips are the annual highlight for numerous repeat guests. And these hosted five day trips are very reasonably priced. This is superb Canadian North Country fishing at a bargain price. Trips include lodging, meals, boats on all six lakes, float plane service from the Minnesota border to the lodge, pre-trip assistance and expert hosting while at the lodge. Only one spring trip from May 26 to June 1 will be offered in 2018 and it will likely fill fast.

Trip Details:

Multi-Species Lakes in Ontario

Fish: Multi Species: Smallmouth, Largemouth, Muskies, Pike, Lake Trout, Walleye

Water: Six “Fly-In” Lakes 40 miles North of Minnesota in Ontario

Features: Excellent Bass fishing, big Muskies, shallow Lake Trout Fishing from Boats

Includes: Boats on all Lakes, Full Day of Fishing, plus Evening Fishing if Desired, Instruction and use of Tackle

Extras: Pre-trip assistance, Float Plane to Lodge

Dates: May 26 to June 1, 2018

Price: $1,795. per person

Smallmouth in Idaho’s Famed Salmon River: Daily Trips

Tim and a Fine Salmon River Smallie

The big and beautiful Salmon River north of Boise, Idaho has long been a popular whitewater rafting and steelhead destination. High quality smallmouth fishing has also developed in the river. Tim has recently fished and explored this beautiful Western river, and he believes it is a gem waiting to be discovered by smallmouth fans.

Tim’s favorite Salmon River guide service will comfortably and safely navigate the fast flowing river in large drift boats. They will put you on smallies up to 19 inches in the Salmon’s innumerable boulder-studded bank eddies. Catch rates are often 35 and 40 fish a day, and even 12 inchers are power-packed in the swift flowing river. Perfect conditions for 6 or 7 weight fly rods or light-medium action spin sticks.

With its high desert climate, the spectacular canyon country of central Idaho is consistently warm and dry all during the prime months of July through September. You’ll stay in a nice lodge in Riggins Idaho, a small river town right in the middle of many miles smallmouth water.

Since Riggins has numerous whitewater raft companies, half-day, full-day and multi-day raft trips are possible for family and friends of all ages. An easy way to reach Riggins is to fly to Boise and rent a car. In September, “cast and blast” trips are another option– fishing smallies in the river and hunting plentiful chucker partridge along the banks. Also in September, steelhead are possible catches, so you can do a combo trip for both smallmouth and steelhead. Isn’t it time to experience a Western bronzeback adventure?

Trip Details:

Smallmouth in Salmon River Idaho

Fish: Smallmouth Bass

Water: 100 Miles of Salmon River in Central Idaho, near Riggins

Features: High Numbers of Smallmouth, Spectacular Scenery, comfortable full-size Drift Boats

Includes: Full day of guiding, generous lunch

Extras: Pre-trip assistance and lodging recommendations from Tim Holschlag

Dates: July through September Prime Time

Price: $390 for one or two people

Smallmouth in Minnesota Rivers: Daily Trips

With decades of smallmouth experience, Dan Johnson and Tim really know river smallies. And the fertile upper Mississippi and St Croix rivers still produce some great smallmouthing. Additionally, Tim and Dan have been exploring those rivers since 1978. You won’t find anyone with greater expertise.

These waters are just 45 minutes to an hour from the Twin Cities, and they offer over 75 miles of prime smallmouth water, perfect for easy day trips in comfortable watercraft. July through September is prime time. Both fly and spinning tackle is effective. Flooding has not reduced smallmouth numbers like they have in many rivers farther south. Plus widespread catch and release angling allows the fish to grow large, and specimens exceeding five pounds are possible. Some are even larger. Recently, one of Dan’s clients landed a smallmouth over 6 pounds. Tackle, lunches and instruction are all part of a trip.

Trip Details:

Smallmouth in Minnesota Rivers

Fish: Smallmouth Bass

Water: Rivers in Eastern Minnesota: including Mississippi and St Croix within one hour of Twin Cities

Features: Big smallmouth, plus Pike and Muskies, 5 to 10 mile River Floats

Includes: Full day of Guiding (8-9 hours), instruction, lunch and use of tackle

Extras: Pre-trip assistance and Lodging Recommendations

Dates: Daily trips in early June

Price: $350 for one person, $390 for two people

For More Info on Any Trip

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