Multi-Species Lakes in Ontario, Canada: Five-Day Trip

— May 25 – June 1, 2018 —

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Species Diversity!

This isn’t talked about very much in fly fishing circles, but it’s a tremendous strength of our Ontario trip.  Frankly, more often than we would like to admit, fishing for a particular species is poor.  The tides are wrong, a cold front hits, fish go deep, water gets muddy.  The list of reasons for a bad bite is endless.  But when there is a wide array of very diverse species available it’s much more likely one of those fish are ready to rumble.  So having five other great species besides the mighty smallmouth bass just a cast away is really holding several aces in your hand.

In Praise of Largemouth

Let me say a little about one of the most reliable Slippery Winds species, the beloved largemouth bass.  Three of our lakes have good populations of them.  In fact, two of the lakes have tremendous numbers of them.  And they are outstanding on the fly rod.  Good sized, very shallow in the spring, often surface oriented and they fight like tigers.  Sure there is a smallmouth on my Smallmouth Angler hat, but those power-packed North Country bigmouths are hard to distinguish from their small jawed cousins when it comes to battle power.

Mighty Muskies and Pike

I can’t fail to mention the mighty muskie.  Though never numerous anywhere, yet in the main lake we fish their numbers are impressive.  And when guests suddenly see 3 or 4 feet of fish following their fly right back to the boat they get a bad (good?) case of muskie fever.  And I can’t neglect the muskie’s cousin the pike.  While not as large as pike in northern Canada, there are nevertheless  impressive pike in the lakes.  Just a couple years ago a guest battled and landed a heavy 40 incher while bass fishing.  I happened to be in that guest’s boat that day and I have never seen a more excited or happy fella.

Lake Trout, too!

How about shallow water lake trout on a fly rod?  Few fly folks have ever seen that, but guests on our trips have- many times.  Several lakes have lakers and in one, they concentrate in a couple shallow bays in the spring making them relatively easy targets.  And once you hook a 24 inch laker on your 8-wt you’ll become a fan of these minnow eating trout.  Best of all, the six lakes we fish are catch-and-release to maintain a quality fisheries.

Catch the “Super Slam”– Six Species on a Single Trip

Great Accommodations

Slippery Winds Wilderness Resort offers fine accommodations and dining in a beautiful northwoods setting. Because it is a smaller lodge it can provide more personal service and do it for an excellent price. These special Smallmouth Angler hosted trips include 5 1/2  days of self-guided fishing, six nights of lodging, daily seminars, excellent meals, boats on all six lakes and a 30-minute float plane trip directly to the lodge from the Minnesota border.

Expert Host

This trip is hosted by Tim Holschlag, a noted outdoor writer, guide and angling instructor who has fished and explored northwest Ontario lakes for 50 years and led trips there for 16 years. A nationally known smallmouth bass expert, Tim has also caught thousands of pike on the fly rod, plus muskie, largemouth, lake trout and walleye. You’ll get personal instruction and assistance from Tim during your trip.

Before the trip you will also get unlimited pre-trip assistance from Tim Holschlag. He can tell you what’s needed for a trip and what you should expect. He’ll be happy to answer all your questions and help you deal with whatever issues that may arise to make the trip a memorable experience you’ll really enjoy.

A Great Value

As you likely know, many fly fishing trips around the world are 3 to 6 times more expensive. This makes our Smallmouth Angler Canadian lodge trips a genuinely unique value. Uncrowded multi-species angling, a beautiful wilderness setting, friendly helpful staff and a highly experienced fly fishing host. And if you wish to use a guide some days, the lodge staff are available.

In addition to enjoying great fishing in a beautiful setting, you’ll have a perfect opportunity to learn all about angling’s latest frontier, lake fly fishing. We offer informative seminars each evening covering all aspects of lake fishing including: the best techniques, seasonal locations, rigging for pike and muskie, and fly pattern advice. Casting instruction is also available, along with an excellent selection of time-tested flies.

If you’re newer to lake fly fishing, these trips are an ideal introduction to this unique angling experience. If you’re a veteran lake angler, this is the perfect place to share this enjoyable fishing with like-minded folks.

Trip Package Details

May 25 – June 1, 2018

Group photo with float plane

Group photo with float plane

  • 5 1/2 Days of Fishing
  • 6 Nights at the lodge
  • Fly in from Fort Frances the first afternoon.
  • Fly out after breakfast at the lodge the last day.

Package Price of $1,795. includes:

  • float plane service directly to lodge
  • comfortable accommodations and meals
  • Boats on six different lakes
  • Unlimited pre-trip advice, and individual assistance while at the lodge
  • Informal seminars by Tim  each evening at the lodge. Topics include tackle, fly choices, casting instruction, warmwater fly tying and special lake fishing techniques.

Fort Frances, Ontario, is next door to International Falls Minnesota, an easy drive from Minneapolis and most Midwest locations.

Special Note from Tim Holschlag
“No question, there are a lot of lodges you can go to in Ontario, but very few offer as many species as you’ll find at Slippery Winds. Good populations of six different gamefish to pursue makes for extremely interesting and enjoyable angling.

Another great thing about having so many species is that if one isn’t biting another likely is. And let me say a word about these far-north largemouth. I don’t know if it’s the extra-clean water or the beautiful Northwoods scenery, but those abundant Canadian bigmouths fight unusually hard. Just like their bronzeback cousins.

Here’s another reason to take one of these trips. Lake fly fishing isn’t the same as chasing trout or smallies in rivers, nor fishing in the ocean. It has its own unique challenges and charms. My long-time associate, Dan Johnson, and I are both experienced lake fly rodders and we can to provide you with the support you might need to have a successful trip. You simply won’t find this much expertise on other Canadian trips. I look forward to fishing with you on an upcoming trip.”

— Tim Holschlag

Here’s what previous guests say about their Slippery Winds trip:

“I’ve been on these trips eight times. Each one has been a great experience. It’s not just the good fishing, but also the help Tim and Dan provide. And I can’t fail to mention the group camaraderie that’s part of every trip. I’ll be back again”
— Jerry Limmer

“What a fantastic trip! I caught dozens of big smallies and largemouth, plus big pike and my first-ever muskie on a fly rod. I’ve been on plenty of Canadian fishing trips, but Tim Holschlag’s Ontario Adventure was one of the best I’ve ever taken.”
— Gary McCready

“I’ve fished in a lot of great places in both fresh and saltwater. This Ontario trip ranks right up there. Great fishing, great instruction, great scenery and great guys. Tim knows really how to pick his trips.”
— Dr. James Swenson

Group at slippery Winds

Fly Fishing Group At Slippery Winds Lodge

Tim and Smallmouth

Tim With a Pal

Over 3 feet of Muskie

Over 3 feet of Muskie – click to enlarge.

Big Largemouth Bass

Guest and Big Largemouth

A Big evening bronzeback

An 18 Inch Evening Bronzeback – click to enlarge.

Spring trip lake trout

Shallow Water Fly Caught Lake Trout – click to enlarge.

Patti with a spring pike

Hard Charging Spring Trip Pike – click to enlarge.